Online Training:

You'll have a client profile where we would be able to track progress, upload workout routines, and go step by step through workouts to ensure you're getting the most out of your time at the gym or at home. It's really based on how much guidance you need from me. We'll also work together to see how we can make lifestyle changes that support your goals and not push against them.

Nutrition: Meal Plans

I make this part nice and simple. We run through your health goals. Based on your day to day activity levels and current body composition I'll tailor a meal plan that will gradually take you to your desired goal. This isn't rapid weight loss/gain, we take things in stride building behavior changes so that when you do get to your goal, you maintain your goal long after you stop working with me. Plans come with 3-7 meals a day (includes snacks) depending on your schedule; recipes, grocery list, and complete nutrition breakdown from vitamins and minerals to macro nutrients (carbs, fat, and protein).


The company was founded in 2014

Our Story

A.P.E.K.-S. began with a goal in mind, to improve the human condition within the public health sector.  

*Anima: latin for soul, life; this is where we look at the mental and nutritional well-being of an individual.

*Performance: working with clients to improve human performance with respect to their goals (i.e. athletic performance, weekend warrior; self-improvement, or activities of daily living).

*Exercitium: daily exercise is key to improving physical health.                                                                      

*Kinetics: understanding the mechanics of the body by using science to reach attainable goals.                      

*Synergy: combining all these systems for each client to produce a better, safer result than each one alone.

We seek to bridge the gaps between Health & Wellness, Fitness, and today's Healthcare field. Setting aside marketing trends, unhealthy fitness practices, and focusing on people's health needs is a major step in building a stronger relationship with the healthcare sector.